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TsDiVT "Usvizh-Book" (shop extraction and removal of peat "Usvizh-Book" branch "Orshanskaya CHP" Bretsk., Tałačyn rn, p. Usvizh-beech )

History of the development company "Usvizh-Book" began its work in 1963 with the production of peat briquettes and peat for composting for agriculture. 
In the 90 years it was carried out throughout the gasification of regions of the Republic, which led to a decrease in the volume of fuel briquettes consumption.

Since 2008. peat fuel starts to occur diversifying market, accompanied by increase in boiler and CHP in the housing and Energy Systems, which main fuel becomes milled peat.

In connection with the moral and physical deterioration of the boiler and process equipment, building structures peat briquette production "Usvizh-Buk" RUE "Vitebskenergo" in 2011 conducted a re-profiling "Usvizh-Buk" with peat briquette production at the plant for the extraction and removal of peat.

To date, the team torfotseha "Usvizh-Buk" has 62 people in operation is 354 hectares on torfomestorozhdenii "Usvizh-Buk". 
The construction and development of new peat fields, modernization TsDiVT "Usvizh-Buk". 



The volume of fuel peat cutting in 2016. 10.4 ths. tons. It is possible to increase the volume of peat extraction to 50.0 thous. Tons per year.

product name

The main technical characteristics of peat deposit "Usvizh-Book":

The degree of decomposition,%




Ash content,%

7-19, average - 12.7

accumulation type


Peat for fuel needs

The main direction of peat use torfomestorozhdeniya "Usvizh-Book" - for fuel purposes.

The main consumers of peat fuel milling:

-, part of the branch of "Belorusskaya TPP" CHP, "Baran" in the MW, in Baran, Orsha district RUE "Vitebskenergo";

- boiler GP Utilities "Kokhanovo-utilities", located in g.Kohanovo and Tolochin Tolochin district;

- other consumers.

In the current year the volume of production of milled peat fuel is planned in the amount of 30 thousand tons in the future -. 35.0 thousand tons..

Enumeration of the output:

- milling for peat fuel combustion in pulverized CHP and boiler;

- Peat for the preparation of compost;

Characteristics of products based on peat, produced with "Osinovskoye" peat deposit

Peat fuel milling, corresponds to the quality STB 2062-2010:


for use as fuel

The degree of decomposition of peat


Moisture content


(Allowed on STB not more than 52%)

ash content


(Allowed on STB no more than 23%)

Delivery conditions

EXW, FCA, DAP-border.


in bulk


road, rail

Price for 1 ton conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist


Peat for compost preparation, consistent quality STB 832-2001:


for agriculture

The degree of decomposition of peat



68% maximum

Moisture content

not more than 60%

ash content

not more than 25%


no more than 10%

Delivery conditions:



in bulk



Price for 1 ton conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist


TsDiVT "Usvizh-Buk" sells peat compost for agriculture. 
All products correspond to the quality of the quality standards of the Republic of Belarus. 

Contact Information

Branch "Belarus TPP" 
211026, Bretsk., Orshanskiy rn, p. Orekhovsk. 
fax: +375 216 23/05/37
an e-mail: bst@vitebsk.energo.by 
Deputy Director of the Belarusian power plant - Patsevich Vladimir 
tel .: +375 216 9/1/23 , 
an e-mail: zamdir@bst.vitebsk .energo.by

Head TsDiVT "Usvizh-Book" - Alexander Bulygin, 
Vitebsk, Tolochin district, n Usvizh-Beech.. 
Tel .: +375 2136 05/01/76 ; 
fax: +375 2136 05.01.75