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Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

The company, on the basis of which is formed by a branch of "Greenhouse" (greenhouse complex - 6 hectares) built in the equity participation in the town Orekhovsk. State Farm-factory "Greenhouse" was created in 1991.

In December 2008, the company reformed by joining the RUE "Vitebskenergo" and on the basis of the property complex of the enterprise set up a branch "Greenhouse".

As of January 1, 2019 hectares of land area branch is 4320 hectares, of which agricultural - 3279 hectares of arable land in t h -3185 ha...


In 2019, the shock freezing line for vegetables and berries was put into operation.

The main activities are:

  1. Cultivation of cereals and legumes
  2. Cultivation of forage crops and seeds
  3. Growing vegetables their seeds and seedlings
  4. Breeding cattle
  5. Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices
  6. Processing and canning of fruits and vegetables, not included in other categories
  7. manufacture of workwear
  8. Wholesale of grain, seeds and animal feeds
  9. Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
  10. Wholesale of other food products not included in other categories
  11. Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages and tobacco
  12. Retail sale via stalls, stalls and kiosks
  13. Retail markets
  14. Other retail sale not in stores

Branch activity is a waste-free, environmentally-friendly production. Sanitary condition at all sites is satisfactory and meets the requirements of sanitary regulations and laws.

At the branch operates a testing laboratory canning workshop, which provides control of products sold.

Implementation grown vegetables accompanied by the corresponding certificates.

Vegetable growing of the protected ground

The range of products is dominated by a protected ground vegetables. The gross structure of the product the proportion is 66% in the product structure - more than 60%. Annual production of 1,500 tons of tomato, cucumber - 1500 tons.

For the production of vegetables in the branch introduced a new energy-saving winter greenhouses area of ​​4.38 hectares in October 2017.

In winter greenhouse grown cucumber (Meva), tomatoes (Torero, Yakimanka). Every year on the variety testing is for 2 new varieties and hybrids of each culture. This makes it possible to select varieties with excellent taste, combined with a good safety and transportation, as well as demanded by buyers.

Vegetable open ground

Annually, the company produces 2100 tons of cabbage, 700 tons of carrots, 670 tons of sugar beet, 330 tons of onions and more than 100 tons of other vegetables.

"Zenon" cabbage. Weight of head 3-5 kg. Rounded cabbages aligned with excellent internal structure. Light green with luster color of heads is maintained throughout the storage period, is suitable for pnevmoochistki, prolonged storage (eight months or more).

Cabbage "Kevin." The earliest hybrid (45-50dney). Kochan dense internal structure with beautiful and short stumps, weight 1.2-1.5 kg. Bright, very fresh, attractive, light-green color of head, high sugar content and excellent flavor quality has a high marketability and standard kochanov 90-95%.

"Proctor" cabbage. Mid-hybrid, are cleaned by 93 days from the date of transplanting. Cabbages round, an average weight of 2.3 kg.

Cabbage "Reactor". High-yielding early maturing (from full germination to start fruiting 55-65 days) hybrid Dutch selection with almost perfect evenness of heads. Cabbages rounded aligned (CMS hybrid), with excellent dense internal structure and good flavor indicators 1,5-2,5kg weight. Ideal for fresh consumption. Hybrid resistant to cracking and fusarium.

Cabbage "zymes" - late-maturation grade is intended for fresh consumption until May - June. Cabbages very dense, rounded, weighing 2-2.5 kg.

"Maestro" carrots. Late-hybrid carrot Nantes type. Suitable for long-term storage, the fresh market and processing. best quality Root - proper cylindrical shape, saturated with inner and outer color, with a perfectly smooth surface, length 18-20 cm.

"Laguna" carrots. A new early-maturing hybrid carrot Nantes type. A characteristic feature is a homogeneous crop aligned in shape and size of roots. Good taste. The high content of carotene. Coloring the pulp and core - intense orange. The core is very small. High yields of root crops commodity, there is little waste. Root length of 17-20 cm, cylindrical, smooth. Suitable for cultivation in the very early stages Highlights: earliness uniformity of product marketability palatability root crop productivity.

Beetroot "Foron" - late variety with very mnogorostkovoy beet aligned, smooth, cylindrically shaped root crops. Internal root color is very attractive, dark red (blood) in color, with a very low tendency to form rings. Suitable for fresh consumption and processing (receiving juice and shredding, betaine content of about 190 mg / 100 g fresh weight). Suitable for long-term storage.

Beetroot "Kestrel" - a powerful hybrid quickly forming a full leaf apparatus that provides a high yield and absolute quality. Root vegetables are an excellent internal and external color, contain a high percentage of sugar. Suitable for fresh market production, processing and storage of late. Resistant to bolting.

Onion "Neratov." Srednepozdnie. Suitable for a variety of soil types. Bulb compact, rounded shape with thick skin golden brown, thin neck. High storage capacity (up to the end of June).

Onion Red Baron. In appearance bulbs are very attractive - red-purple rounded and slightly flattened, weighing from 50 to 120 g Early maturing. Onions in this class looks spectacular in fresh salads, perfectly combined in taste with many products, it does not stain them. It has a sweet taste, with a little bitterness. The bow has a large amount of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid.


In addition to vegetable production at the plant is grown and crops.

In 2018 under grain crops areas were 1 183 ha. Grain crop totaled 36.1 c / ha.


In the livestock industry, the company is engaged in production of milk cattle breeding. The productivity of dairy cattle for 2018 was 6695 kg.

Utility production

Subsidiary branch of production:

  • canning plant
  • portion garments

Canning plant carries out the processing of non-standard vegetables, production of juices from concentrates, mineral water. The range of products canning shop reached 30 titles.

Sewing section provides enterprise workers overalls and sews bedding sold in own retail network.