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Created in August 2005 on the basis of the farm-mill "Spring" Polotsk, Vitebsk region.

As of January 1, 2019 land area of ​​the branch is 4626 hectares, of which agricultural land - 3338 hectares of arable land in t h -.. 2556 hectares. Land adjacent to the branch of Polotsk and Novopolotsk.

The main activities are:

  • production and sale of greenhouse vegetables (winter greenhouses);
  • production and sale of field vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beetroot);
  • production and sale of potatoes;
  • production and sales of grain;
  • production and sale of milk and meat;
  • production of feed for farm animals;
  • trade and commerce;
  • • wholesale and retail trade of vegetables and consumer goods.

Branch activity is a waste-free, environmentally-friendly production. Sanitary condition at all sites meets the requirements of sanitary regulations and laws. It operates an accredited testing laboratory, which provides control of products sold with the issuance of the certificate of quality.

Vegetable growing of the protected ground

Agricultural enterprise specialized in the production of greenhouse vegetables. The gross structure of the product the proportion is 43% in the product structure - more than 45%. The annual production of greenhouse vegetables is about 3000 tons. In the winter greenhouses are grown the following varieties of vegetables:

"Meva" cucumber. Fruits are dark green, smooth, shiny, good quality, without bitterness, with a strong scent of cucumber, the pulp is sweet, dense, crunchy. The fruit does not turn yellow, which increases their standard, characterized by good transportability. The average weight of 220-280 grams of commercial fruit, fruit length 18-24 cm. Differ high quality with excellent consistency.

The fruits of this variety retain their freshness and product quality for 5 days. Used fresh and for pickling.

Tomato "Torero". Salad. The plant is indeterminate. Medium sized, green sheet. The inflorescence is simple. Peduncle with articulation. The fruit ploskookrugloy, slaborebristy, sredneplotny, the color of immature fruit light green, mature - red. The number of slots over 6. The weight of the fetus 250-270, the Taste good and excellent. Trading yield of 17.1 kg / m. Resistant to vertitsillezu, Fusarium wilt, apical and root rot, brown leaf spot, TMV.

Salad "Afitsion". The plant is an attractive pale green color. Sheet dense enough tolerates transportation.

Basil "Philosopher". Ripening (30-40 days from germination to technical maturity) grade. Seedlings grown in culture. Srednerosloe plant height of 25-30 cm, compact. The leaves are large, wavy, purple. The aroma is strong, with a clove flavor. This grade has a large colored sheet and clove flavor. It used as fresh spicy flavor and salad greens, as well as natural flavoring in the canning and cooking.

Cilantro "Poker". Powerful dark green plant is used for salads, as a seasoning for soups and meat dishes, valuable antiscorbutic.

"Filiz" Parsley. High-yielding variety for fresh market and processing. The leaves are very uniform, dark color with a delicate texture.

Arugula cultural. Bright, fragrant, tart, spicy, bitter and sour taste blends perfectly with other salads, fish, meat and seafood, chopped arugula leaves mixed into the snack of cottage cheese, or simply sprinkled with boiled potatoes.

Every year on the variety testing is up to 5 new varieties and hybrids of crops. This makes it possible to select varieties with excellent taste combined with good transport safety, as well as demanded by buyers.

Vegetable open ground

The annual production of field vegetables of 2270 tons, including: cabbage - 1,050 tons, carrot - 800 tonnes of beet - 400 tons, as well as other vegetables - 20 tons.

To ensure the safety and product sales in the winter at the enterprise reconstructed 3 vegetable storage capacity of 1,350 tonnes. The company is able to ship products to customers all year round.

"Kestrel" beetroot. Powerful hybrid, quickly forming a full leaf apparatus that provides a high yield and absolute quality. Root vegetables are an excellent internal and external color, contain a high percentage of sugar. Suitable for fresh market production, processing and storage of late. Resistant to bolting.

"Maestro" carrots. The mid (120-130 days) of Nantes type hybrid forming cylindrical blunt root length 19-21 cm, a beautiful interior and exterior painting, without green shoulders, suitable for mechanical harvesting. Powerful dark green leaf apparatus differs resistance to Alternaria and Powdery Mildew and endurance to bacteriosis and carrot fly. Root is characterized by resistance to mechanical damage and long shelf life.

"Dordogne" carrots. Medium early, roots bright color, beautiful cylindrical shape, with flat intensely colored core tip root resistant to greenness, root length of 18-20 cm; ready for implementation on the beam in the middle of July, when sown in early May; combines the short growing season and long-term storage; It is designed for mechanical harvesting - a powerful, strong peel tops, short roots, resistant to mechanical damage; It is designed as a hybrid for cultivation in the main segment for fresh realization and implementation of the storage period.


To ensure uninterrupted market cabbage grown varieties with different vegetation period and shelf life:

Kevin. The earliest hybrid (45-50dney). Kochan dense internal structure with beautiful and short stumps, weight 1.2-1.5 kg. Bright, very fresh, attractive, light-green color of head, high sugar content and excellent flavor quality has a high marketability and standard kochanov 90-95%.

"Zeno". Rounded cabbages aligned with excellent internal structure have a light green color with luster that is maintained throughout the storage period. Suitable for pnevmoochistki, prolonged storage (eight months or more). Weight of head 3-5 kg.

"We hope," cabbage. Mid-yielding variety. Kochan roundly flat, pale green, 5 kg weight. Resistant to cracking. Palatability high. It recommended for fresh consumption, pickling, and short-term storage (up to 3 months). Good transportability.

Along with vegetable products, the company is engaged in cultivation of grain and industrial crops and potatoes.


Grain Wedge branch is 800 hectares. At the level of natural soil fertility 19.6 points yield totaled 43.4 c / ha.

In agricultural crops are sowed with elite seeds and seeds of first reproduction.

"Kopylyanka" winter wheat. The mid-height of the plant 90-108 cm. Winter hardiness is high. Grain big, red, oblong, base pubescent, the weight of 1000 grains 45 - '55

The protein content of 12.4%, 28.7% gluten, flour and has good baking kachestvami- tetraploid high-yielding variety. It has increased resistance to lodging and the ability to form a large grain. "Old Man" Barley.

Variety of Belarusian breeding, feed direction. Is middle. Grain large, mass of 1000 seeds is 50-52 gram. Intensive varieties, has a high productive tillering, forage. Different lodging resistance and the defeat of leaf diseases.


In the branch "Spring-energo" potatoes are grown on an area of ​​60 hectares, the annual production of which is about 1,000 tons.

Cultivated varieties: "Satin" - elongated shape roots, the flesh is yellow, yellow, smooth rind. "Queen Anne" - elongated shape roots, the flesh is yellow, yellow, smooth rind.


Oilseed crops constitute the farm 150 ha (winter canola). Cultivated varieties: "Leader" - one of the most productive varieties. Characterized hardiness and high oil content.


In the livestock industry, the company is engaged in production of milk, cattle breeding, in Vol. H. And on the breeding goals. The productivity of dairy cattle in 2018 was 7393 kg.

To ensure the technological requirements for the production of milk in the current conditions, as well as the intensification of the livestock industry milking cows conducted in robotic installations.

On the farm Allowed - Loose, boxed.