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History of the Vitebsk power system development

The first commercial power station in Vitebsk region was built in Vitebsk in 1898 and was intended to power the tram and the lighting of the city center. 
The development of large-scale power in the country began with the Vitebsk region, when it was put into operation the Belarusian state district power station in 1930. In the same period it was built and the first power line. 
During the years of formation and development of Vitebsk energy system built power plants in Vitebsk, Orsha, Polotsk and Novopolotsk.

Around the middle of the 60s in Belarus again began to be felt an acute power shortage and as a consequence, began searching for a way out. And he was the only one - to increase power. So it was decided to build on the banks of a large lake Lukoml new power plant - Lukoml, which announced a major Komsomol building. 
In December 1969, on the Day of Energy has been successfully put into operation the first unit of 300 MW Lukoml, which solved the problem of power supply of the North-West region of the country.

Polotsk Hydro Power Plant was commissioned June 30, 2017. Vitebsk Hydro Power Plant was commissioned July 31, 2017. Substation 330 kV ”Postavy” was commissioned July 31, 2017. Implementation of the facility “Energy-saving winter greenhouses of 4.38 hectares area in the urban settlement Orekhovsk of Orsha district” was completed October 23, 2017.

February 10. One of the most important stages of the project ”Construction of Vitebsk Hydro Power Plant on the Zapadnaya Dvina River” - overlapping of the bypass channel of Vitebsk Hydro Power Plant - was implemented. March 11. Siemens turbine SST -110/060 TANDEM was commissioned with a capacity of 12.825 MW at Orsha CHPP.

March. Commencement of R-6-35 / 6, st. No. 1 turbine unit replacement at Orsha CHPP.April. Commencement of implementation of”Construction of Substation -330 kV “Postavy”. June. Reconstruction of Boginsk Hydro Power Plant in the Braslavsky district has been completed.

January 1, 2014. Major construction and installation work on CCPP-400 at Lukomlskaya State District Power Plant was implemented. May 29, 2014. Combined-Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 427 MW was commissioned at Lukomlskaya SDPP.

December 2013. Construction of the mini-CHPP using local fuels in Baran was completed .

January 18, 2012. Grand opening of CCPP-400 MW construction site at Lukomlskaya State District Power Plant. 2012. Modernization of the power unit No. 3 at Lukomlskaya SDPP.

March 23, 2011. Contract for the construction of a mini-CHPP using local fuels at the boiler house “Baran” in Orsha was signed with POLYTECHNIK GmbH. December 21, 2011. 35 MW turbine No. 2 at Vitebsk CHPPwas replaced with a new one with a capacity of 40 MW. 2010-2011. Modernization of the power unit No. 4 at Lukomlskaya SDPP (II, III stage).


27.06. Vitebsk Production Association of Energy and Electrification (PO "Vitebskenergo") has been renamed to Vitebsk republican unitary enterprise of electric power "Vitebskenergo" (RUE "Vitebskenergo").

December. Commissioned turbine of 3.5 MW low-potential pair to the district boiler room "East" in Vitebsk.


06.08. Concern "Belenergo" approved "technical re-equipment and reconstruction plans Lukoml in the period 2001-2010."


13.02. At Lukoml the first time in Belarus after the upgrade is included in the work unit number 3 with the power increase by 7-10 MW.

12.03. Polotsk HPP put into operation 6 MW turbogenerator.


18.05. The structure of "Vitebskenergo" came PMC SHP "Spring" as a branch of "Spring-energy."

25.12. On Vitebsk HPP put into operation turbogenerator number 3 capacity of 40 MW turbine PT-35 \ 40-8,8.


July. Upgrading unit № 1 Lukoml with increasing power of 15 MW.

Commissioned expander-generator set DGUE 2500 kW number 2 at Lukoml.

December. On BelGRES it administered complex of power for burning wood and peat.


26.04. Put into operation the first turn of the reconstructed 110 kV Polotsk District Electrical Networks with the replacement of air circuit breakers with gas-insulated type VGT-110 kV (Russia).

17-20.09. The fourth international competition of operational and maintenance personnel of the Commonwealth states enterprises of electric distribution networks 2007 in Vitebsk.

29.11. The composition of the Orsha cogeneration plant included Production Republican Unitary Peat "Usvizh-Buk".

The Belarusian GRES included Production Republican Unitary Peat "Osintorf".


January. Commissioning of the complex for the preparation of wood chips for the boiler operating at MBT on BelGRES.

30.03. Modernized steam turbine K-300-240 Lukoml with replacement of CVP, IPC, LPC unit № 2. Increasing the electric power of 15 MW.

1.12. The structure as "Hothouse" branch of RUE "Vitebskenergo" included KUSP "Greenhouse".


12.06. For the first time in Vitebskenergo included 110/10 kV "Airport" modular type of firm «Siemens» in Polotsk.

19.06. At Lukoml unit included in the network 4 after upgrading № turbine K-300-240 with increasing power of 15 MW.

2.10. Opening of a memorial plaque on the administrative building of the Belarusian state district power station in honor of Igor Alexandrov.

25.12. The contract for the construction of hydroelectric complex of Polotsk HPP JSC "Technopromexport" (Russia).


Lukoml. Reconstruction of the steam turbine flowing part K # 4, 300-240.

Reconstruction of the SS "Polotsk - District".

21.09. The contract for the construction of at Lukoml CCGT 400 MW with the China National Corporation for the import and export of machinery and equipment.

27.12. The contract for the construction of the Vitebsk hydroelectric power station with China National Corporation for electrical equipment.


8.11. It puts into operation the first stage of the Belarusian State District Power Plant. first substations and power lines are put into operation 35 and 110 kV Vitebsk Orsha, and Moguilev Škłoŭ.


15.05. Created Belarusian energy system.


Put into operation the second phase of BelGRES, power capacity reached 32 MW.


December. Commissioned Polotsk CHP.


27.12. It puts into operation the first stage of the Vitebsk CHP 6.3 MW.


November. It puts into operation the second phase of the Vitebsk CHP plant reached its design capacity of 56.3 MW.

December. Commissioned Orsha CHP capacity of 6 MW.


11.12. It issued an order number 4 to the General Directorate of Energy and Electrification of the Council of Ministers of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on the formation of the district administration of power and electrification within the boundaries of the existing areas of the country. District Energy Management "Vitebskenergo" was established within the boundaries of the Vitebsk region.

27.12. Commissioned Novopolotsk CHP: the first turbine capacity of 60 MW.


February. Lukoml started construction.

15.12. Established training center of Uzbekistan "Vitebskenergo" on BelGRES.


December. "Energy Day" was celebrated for the first time in the USSR.


April. Created Enterprise Vitebsk heat networks.

December. Put into operation the first unit Lukoml capacity of 300 MW.


12.07. Vitebsk District Department of Energy and Electrification EN "Vitebskenergo" renamed in the area of ​​energy management and the electrification of the Vitebsk region RG "Vitebskenergo".


December. "Vitebsk" was introduced 330 kV substation.


Introduced substation 330 kV "Polotsk".


August. Introduced eight units Lukoml, the station reached its design capacity of 2400 MW.


Introduced 330 kV substation "Orsha".


12.03. He was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" by the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Lukoml Council.


Completed translation of 35-110 kV with wooden poles with concrete poles.


Introduced the overhead line 750 kV Ignalina NPP - SS "Belarus".


December. The structure of "Vitebskenergo" entered Lukoml and Novopolotsk CHP.


Translation Lukoml to burning natural gas.


September. Introduced in the CCGT at the Orsha cogeneration plant capacity of 67 MW.


December. Commissioned expander-generator set DGUE 5000 at Lukoml.

Administrative Procedures
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Heads Vitebsk grid (1962-2014)

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