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Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

Created in 1964 as an educational training center, now a branch of "training center" RUE "Vitebskenergo" is the largest unit of "Belenergo" conducting training and professional development of power engineers, training specialists and workers in occupations electricity and heat profiles, training by areas of work at the facilities controlled Gospromnadzorom and the Department of state labor inspection. 

In addition, the branch provides services for the development and production of printed, advertising and decoration products, design services, verification of heat metering equipment, preparation for verification of measuring transformers of current and voltage transformers. 
In the "Training Center" employs more than 170 specialists and workers.

Branch "Training Center" RUE "Vitebskenergo" 
210017, Vitebsk, st. Polar 38A, 
tel .: +375 (212) 49 28 59 - reception 
fax: 375 (212) 06/20/36 
e-mail: uc@vitebsk.energo.by 
p / s BY76BPSB30121160110139330000 
JSC "BPS-Savings "Minsk, blvd Mulyavin 6  

211162, Novolukoml Str. Energy, 6a. 
Tel. / Fax: (02133) 38206, 38758

211440, Novopolotsk, Industrial Zone. 
Tel. / Fax: (02 145) 75 161