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Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

Laboratory for calibration of measuring and accounting devices offers:

  • preparation for calibration verification and state of heat energy metering devices, flow meters accuracy class 0.5 foreign and domestic;
  • carrying out verifications and hot-water test flow meters and thermal energy metering devices;
  • maintenance and repair of metering and regulating heat.

Years of experience in the field of verification of thermal energy metering services helps to ensure a high level of services. The laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment model. 

Stand for checking the counters of hot and cold water type STEP - 200 / 400-70 has the following main characteristics:

  • nominal diameter of verified devices from 15 to 200 mm;
  • 0.15 accuracy class for flow range from 0.02 to 360 cubic meters / hour;
  • accuracy grade 0.5 for flow range from 0.02 to 480 cubic meters / hour;
  • liquid temperature 20 ÷ 90 ° C.

Highly qualified staff and technical equipment allow the laboratory to provide repair services for measuring instruments according to the requirements of STB 8031-2007, which is confirmed by  a certificate of conformity.

To make a contract must submit: 
  1. a letter of guarantee containing

  • full name
  • Legal address of the organization
  • bank details of the organization
  • full name of the devices, their completeness and the serial numbers of all components
  • number of devices
  • the installation location of devices (residential or administrative - industrial buildings)
  • if necessary, indicate to conduct verification in a shorter period

  2. a copy of the founding document (extract from it) with the exact name of the organization and an indication of the powers of its governing bodies 
  3. a copy of the proxy entity that signs a contract 
to draw your attention:

  • term verification of heat meters up to 30 working days;
  • possible to carry out verification of heat meters in a shortened period of time (up to 5 working days);
  • devices are accepted only in set (measurement unit, the necessary flow and temperature sensors, the passport device);
  • instruments accepted in its purest form - all components of the device must be free of contaminants; internal flow channel sensors should be cleaned of contaminants and deposits formed during operation.

Monday-Friday 8:00 - 17:00
Lunch 12:30 - 13:30

Form of the contract for provision of services (for budget organizations, docx format) 
form the contract for the provision of services (for non-budget organizations, docx format)
devices are accepted to: Vitebsk, Tereshkova street, 23A. 

Head of the Laboratory for calibration of measuring and metering equipment Antonenko Sergey .

Phone : 8 (0212) 677-061  
E mail- : uc_ps@vitebsk.energo.by