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Basic information

    The subject of the Vitebsk republican unitary enterprise of electric power "Vitebskenergo" is the implementation of the production, transmission, distribution of electricity and heat and the sale of energy to consumers.

    The parent organization is a national industrial association of electric power "Belenergo". 
Business name:

  • Full name in Russian: Vitebsk republican unitary enterprise of electric power "Vitebskenergo";
  • abbreviated name in Russian: RUE "Vitebskenergo";
  • full name of the Belarusian language: vitsebskae respublikanskae ўnitarnae pradpryemstva elektraenergetyki "Vitsebskenerga";
  • the abbreviated name in the Belarusian language: RUE "Vitsebskenerga".

    The main objectives of RUE "Vitebskenergo" is a reliable, high-quality, safe, cost-effective operation and innovative development of the production, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity and heat to consumers, as well as the profit to meet the economic interests of the enterprise and social interests on the basis of the development strategy enterprise.

The main objectives of RUE "Vitebskenergo" are:

  • production of electricity by thermal power plants;
  • electricity production of other power plants;
  • electric power transmission;
  • power distribution;
  • sale of electricity;
  • thermal energy production by thermal power plants, independent boiler-houses, other sources;
  • transfer and distribution of thermal energy by thermal networks;
  • heating;
  • maintenance (maintenance and repair), construction, reconstruction and modernization of power plants, boilers, electrical and heating networks, energy and process equipment;
  • the introduction of information technologies;
  • other activities (livestock, crops, extraction of peat).

RUP "Vitebskenergo" consists of 17 structural units (branches):

The RUE "Vitebskenergo" employs over 10 thousand people.

Administrative procedures
Connection to the power supply system
Scheduled outages