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"Learning Center" provides organizations, individual entrepreneurs and individuals services for the development and manufacture of printing and decoration products, including: 

  • printing and reproduction of forms, magazines, online documentation;
  • Binding on spring, clip, glue;
  • laminating hot and cold;
  • Production of information stands, corners of the buyer, signs, plates, panels, signs;
  • posters, including occupational safety posters, safety, fire safety and civil defense with one- and two-sided layout;
  • volumetric stands jacking stands with sets of posters;
  • brochures, booklets, calendars, business cards, labels, price tags, self-adhesive tape and plastic


Phone: 8 (0212) 277-819  
Shcherbakova Irina

Phone: 8 (0212) 287-316  
knock Alexander