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Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

Branch "Vitebsk electrical networks" RUE "Vitebskenergo" For the past 35 years has been the development of a wide sector of the repair of electrical equipment, the facilities are equipped with the most efficient technological equipment, without which the full electrical equipment repair is simply not possible.


Works and services of the service isolation and surge protection

Isolation and Protective Services Surge (hereinafter SIZP) accredited for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025. Registration number: BY / 112 from 04.03.1998, the 

SIZP equipped with fixed and mobile high-voltage laboratory, enables us to provide the following type of works and services on a contractual basis:

Object name or type of tests (measurements) Feature object or test method (measurement)
1. Electrical secondary circuit and wiring to 1000 1.1 Measurement of insulation resistance 
1.2 Current measurement circuit of single-phase zero-phase circuit
2. Electrical installations and equipment up to 1000 V 2.1 Measuring the insulation resistance of 
2.2 voltage withstand tests 
2.3 Resistance Measurement DC 
2.4 Measurement of the transformation ratio of power and instrument transformers 
2.5 Measurement of no-load 
2.6 Determination of group of the compound transformers and polarity of electrical machines windings
3. Cable lines up to 1000 V 3.1 Measurement of insulation resistance of 
3.2 Fault location
4. Cable line above 1000 4.1 Measuring the insulation resistance of 
4.2 Fault location 
4.3 voltage withstand tests
5. Earthing 5.1 Resistance Measurement 
5.2. Measurement of the transition resistance between the earth electrode and the grounded equipment 
5.3 soil resistivity measurement
6. The  electrically insulating gloves, boots and galoshes 6.1. High voltage test
7. Voltage meters to 1000 7.1. Test body insulation and connecting wires to a voltage 
7.2. Determining the ignition voltage 
7.3. Checking circuit serviceability
8. Voltage meters above 1000V 8.1. Testing of high voltage insulating parts and labor 
8.2. Determining the ignition voltage
9. voltage detectors for phasing searcher damage 9.1 Test increased operating voltage, insulating parts and the connecting wires 
9.2. Determining the ignition voltage
10. The electrically insulating rod electrically insulating and electric tongs 10.1. Insulation test voltage increased
11. Hand tools with insulated handles 11.1. Insulation test voltage increased
12. Stairways and ladders, electrical insulating fiberglass 12.1 Test of insulation with high voltage
13. Electric tool and accessories thereto (transformers, inverters, Cables- extenders) 13.1 Insulation Resistance Measurement 
13.2 Insulation test high voltage
14. Transformer oil 14.1. Determination of the breakdown voltage

According to the results of tests and measurements shall be issued to the customer record.


Head SIZP Kovalenko Sergey Nikolaevich ; tel.rab. 8-0212-65-40-73 
Deputy Head SIZP Yakovlev Vyacheslav V.

Works and services

It offers on a contract basis to perform the following works on electrotechnical machinery:

  • Diagnostics and repair of transformers 10 kV :
    • the change of the winding to  250 kVA ;
    • without changing the windings to  1000 kVA.
  • Restoration of transformer oil.
  • Restoring absorbents.
  • Repair of transformers NTMI 6  - 10 kV  without rewinding of windings:
    • OMP 6  - 10 kV  to rewind windings;
    • ZNOM 35 kV  to rewind windings.
  • Repair of dry-type transformers of various assignment.
  • Repair of arc suppression coils.
  • Repair of welding transformers.
  • Repair of electric power from  0.12 kW to  10 kW.
  • Restoration and repair of high-voltage bushings 35  - 110 kV.
  • Repair arresters 15  - 110 kV .
  • Repair voltage transformers 110  - 330 kV .
  • Repair of current transformers 35  - 110 kV .
  • Diagnostics and repair of substation transformers 35  - 110 kV .
  • Repair and adjustment of the switching devices transformers operating under load.

Process for repairing electrical insulation recovery characteristics is performed using electric vacuum drying ovens which automatically creates conditions for recovery of the required level. Furthermore, installation diagazatsionnaya removes gases and water vapor, dissolved in transformer oil, thus greatly improves the insulating properties of the latter.

Plot the diagnosis of the state of the high voltage is equipped with an accredited laboratory, having a possibility to determine equipment condition at admission to repair and it meets required factory specifications after repair.

All equipment is repairable absolute control with the issuance of the protocol, which is also the official document of compliance and the guarantee policy of the customer, in case of detection of any abnormalities.

The entire range of services in the centralized repair shop equipment of the branch "Vitebsk electrical networks" have the necessary specialized equipment and trained personnel to provide the above services.

The cost of works and services

The cost of works and services determined by the system accounting for work performed.


Foreman Ilyin Vasili Alexandrovich tel. slave. 36-16-81;

Deputy. foreman Belyaev Alexander G. tel. slave. 36-16-83;

E-mail:  ves_ccro@vitebsk.energo.by